Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. You can cancel your order anytime till the end of the order day, up to 12 midnight, which will be treated as cooling period. Please note execution of the order will be initiated, post cooling period, by 10.00AM of next day from the order day.
  2. Refund for such cancellation will be initiated immediately in case payment for the order is already made. Refund will get credited to the respective on-line account or Credit card / Debit card account from where payment is made within 7-10 working days. Refund for the Cash on Delivery payment will be made within 4-6 working days through NEFT transaction in your bank account only. In such cases, you may have to provide your bank details to refund your payment. We will not refund any amount in cash under any circumstances.
  3. Once the order is dispatched by our supplier / vendors, we will not able to accommodate any cancellations or modifications. Once the delivery is made successfully at your premises, cancellation of order is not possible under any circumstances.
  4. In case of Customized Make to Order, if cancelled within 2 days of order placed, including order day, 25% of order value shall be forfeited from the advance paid at the time of pre-booking. If cancelled after 3rd day till 7th day, 50% of order value shall be forfeited. Order cannot be cancelled after 7th day.
  5. Order for the products which are sold under special scheme and promotions cannot be cancelled in any condition and at any situations.
  6. Cancellation / Modification policy may apply only to certain products. Cancellation / Modification may not be possible for some products. Please read details of the product before ordering with us.
  7. Cancellations / Modifications are to be done through our web site using your log in id and order number. You may also initiate it through your registered e-mail id to us on
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