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Shipping and Delivery Policy

  1. Your order will be executed by Expressions World, sister firm of Expressions Design as per time line given for each product. The delivery time may vary depending on product type, address location, availability of the product and nature of the product. We offer three types of products which are – Ready-to-Order, Book-to-Order and Customized Make-to-Order. Delivery time for these three product types are different and are mentioned in each product description.
  2. Order will be delivered to you either by our shipping partner or our vendor partners depending on the city of delivery and nature of the product.
  3. Currently, we will be delivering only in limited cities, mainly in Metro’s; Mini Metro’s and of the tier II cities, excluding North East, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar islands. You may please check our serviceability before ordering any products with us. Certain products may be available only in few cities which are mentioned with product information. If order is placed for the delivery which does not fall in our serviceability area, we will not be able to fulfill the same.
  4. The day of the order till midnight will be considered as a cooling period during which you can anytime cancel your order. In case of any anticipated deviations against given parameters of the order, we may inform you accordingly during this period. Your order execution will be initiated by 10.00AM on next day and this initiation may typically take 1-3 working days after cooling period, depending on the availability of the products. While we will try to ensure that delivery is made within stipulated time, in rare cases it may get delayed due to unforeseen reasons and exigencies. If needed, you may please consider this factor before ordering with us. You will be intimated about your order execution status by us.
  5. All Customized Make to Order products will get dispatched only as per the time frame given for each product. It may vary from minimum 12 to maximum 25 working days from the next day of order date & depending on the product ordered.
  6. Delivery will be done only at the address which is given at the time ordering and captured in our records. It won’t be possible for us to change the address of delivery once given to our shipping / courier partners. If there are multiple products in single order, they might be delivered separately since our suppliers / vendors for that product may not be same.
  7. There will not be any shipping or courier or delivery charges for the product having price of Rs.1000/- and above, unless and otherwise mentioned for individual products which will get added in your order value for the payment. For the products which are less than price Rs.1000/-, there would be nominal minimum delivery charges of Rs.60/-, unless otherwise mentioned differently for individual products which will get added in your order value for the payment. Individual products which are at price less than Rs.1000/- will have separate delivery charges and will get added together even if purchased in single order. Kindly note, delivery charges are based on product price and not on order value. Please check for such charges before ordering with us. In certain exceptional cases where we agree to execute the order in cities/areas excluding those which are mentioned in point no.3, may incur additional transportation and delivery cost which will be borne by you. In such cases, we may not able to cover complaints or warranty claims.
  8. Once delivery arrives at your place, kindly check the external condition of consignment before accepting it. In case of any serious/objectionable damage found, highlight it to delivering person immediately before opening it. You may refuse to accept the consignment in case delivery person accept the damage. If possible, you may also take pictures of the damaged consignment for future correspondence with us. Once you accept the consignment and delivery person leaves your premises, return of the material would not be possible under any circumstances. Only complaint regarding manufacturing defects or points covered under respective product warranty clause, if any, will be honored by us. In rare case of replacement, we may replace one-to-one unit with same specification in which no alteration in product specification would be possible. In such cases, you will initiate return request with order no, proof of purchase & valid reason for return through e-mail to us which we will evaluate and authorized as deemed appropriate by us. The return request is to be sent on[email protected]. On receipt of confirmation from our side for your return request, you may ship the consignment back to us with original bill & packing at your cost. Responsibility of tracking return consignment till it reaches us will be always with you. For us to refund the amount, product must unused and with all parts intact. It will not be possible for us to accept damaged, missing part products, used products for refund. Refund will be process as per policy given herein. In case of any additional cost incurred by us during the process of return, we will be deducting the same amount from refund amount.
  9. We, Expressions World, are on-line retailer for all the products which are displayed here on our site for which we will facilitate you to resolve all your product related complaint, as deemed appropriate by us. However, all warranties / guarantees of the products will be provided by respective product supplier / vendor only. Please note few products may not have any warranty / guarantee because of their nature. Please note standard warranty clauses, may available only for few of the products and conditions for the usage of the products. No claims which are contrary both these points will be honored.
  10. If you notice serious / objectionable damages to the product after opening consignment and after delivery person left your premises, while consignment packing is intact, please report the product damage to us on the same day of delivery through e-mail along with pictures of the product and pictures of the packing. While we will try and facilitate you, as deemed appropriate by us to find solution with respective product supplier / vendors, we do not guarantee you for the same, especially for products which are fragile in nature. Please note, in this type of matter, we will not able to pursue complaint further which are not received on same delivery day and/or without any proof of damage. We will have sole right to evaluate & accept your complaint, as deemed appropriate by us.
  11. Please read description / specifications of the product given on site carefully to know its dimensions, weight, usage, material, color, placement needs and suitability for your place, need of approval from society and any other parameters before ordering it. While we will try to ensure that product pictures portrays similar look as actual products, kindly note, in few rare cases, there could be minor difference between product picture and actual product due to various parameters related to picture quality. Please consider the same while evaluating the product for you before ordering it. It won’t be possible for us to exchange the delivered products for the reason related to mismatch of any of these mentioned points at later stage. Please be aware of the fact that some of the material used in various interior products has natural tendency to change their sizes, colors, and finish.
  12. You can track your order from our web site using your log in and order number. You may also contact us at our e-mail id : [email protected] or Phone: 8169472604. Please ensure to mention your order number in all your communications. We recommend that you, the customer, be present at the time of delivery to safeguard above mentioned points to avoid future hassles.
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